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So sad! My internship has come to an end. Thank you so much to everyone who made it possible. OPW, volunteers, other women who came before me, Rosana, Ibai and Rachel of Mozilla, you all can live your lives a little brighter knowing that someone (meaning me) thinks you are the bees knees. It isn’t possible to express how much I learned from the experience. I was able to complete my tool, additionally I wrote a little documentation for L10N, and at the last minute I did a quick analysis of the different tools for managing user support issues on social media channels, this last one was particularly fun. And last minute I volunteered to write some social content for FB and Twitter. Seriously cool!

Here is the tutorial I created “Become a Tech-Writing Ninja” 

This is the button I created that can be modified to be any popup tutorial written in html.

I also wrote 2 articles on modifying and translating the tutorial, they are awaiting editing and approving before they are published.  This post is going to be short because I need to get back to finishing up these little projects. I am a Mozillian now, and I have some contributing to get done.

I am so excited to start applying for jobs (I actually have an interview at Wikimedia on Tuesday – wish me luck!). It was an amazing experience to get to work in the Mozilla SF office with some of the smartest, most creative thinkers I have worked with in my myriad of careers. I wrote in my second blog post about my first week and the rose colored glasses I had about the culture at Mozilla, well they never came off. The warm pink glow over 2 Harrison remains.


I'm a mild mannered community oriented lady who is coming out of a very long relationship and rediscovering myself. I have found so far that I love strange people of all varieties, on the bus, in the park, at work or next to me at dinner. They inspire and intoxicate me. Thank you San Francisco for providing all a woman could ask for.

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