My tool progresses

These last 2 weeks have been me just plugging along trying to figure out the best way to create my tutorial. The idea behind it is to have a simple tool that takes all the articles that have been written about how to begin contributing to the Support Mozilla Knowledge Base and put them into an easy to follow along slide show that you read while filling out the template. An automated way for a new contributor to feel a sense of expressed permission to contribute and learn while they are at it! Because learning is good. 

There were a few things I really wanted to incorporate when building this tool. The first was that it be simple and lightweight. I looked at lots of plugins and none were quite right. In the end a few simple lines of Javascript for a popup window were all I wanted. It took a ridiculously long time to figure this out (sorry Mozilla). Next I wanted it to be all HTML5 and easy to localize into other languages. This meant building it on something that was open and accessible to localizers. I decided on Thimble. The localizer could easily use the “Remix” button to translate it into their language. The last thing I wanted to incorporate was entertainment. I like everything to be interesting and funny whenever possible. The tutorial will have a hyperbole and a half style participant that is intermixed n the slides. I am the most curious to speak with the locale leaders and get their opinions on whether the entertainment slides would translate well into their culture and languages. 

Next step, get my git repository up and running. Here we go!


I'm a mild mannered community oriented lady who is coming out of a very long relationship and rediscovering myself. I have found so far that I love strange people of all varieties, on the bus, in the park, at work or next to me at dinner. They inspire and intoxicate me. Thank you San Francisco for providing all a woman could ask for.

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