I am an Intern!!

Today I learned that beginning December 10 I will be an intern for Mozilla! I may have built Mozilla up in my mind to be the very coolest company a gal could imagine having the honor to work for, correct? I dunno, but I am going to treat it like that for now! When I began to look into this internship I joined the “Community Building” email group and started receiving the team emails (because, you know, Mozilla works in the open, duh). The first few were interesting, talked about schedules, some ideas, some stuff I found interesting some stuff I thought I might learn more about in the future (not because I had no clue what they were saying I swear). Then I got an email entitled “The Ethics of Unpaid Labor and the OSS Community”. I read original blog post and was impressed. However, it was the conversation that followed that blew my mind up. Meritocracy, the role of women in the OSS community, the role of parents, people without free time and opportunity to contribute and more, all discussed by smart (I mean really really smart) people in a kind, respectful, productive way. No amazing decisions were made, nothing changed in the way contributors are recognized or rewarded, but it made this lady turn on a section of her brain that had been gathering dust. Contributing to OSS is something I have always thought was cool, but do it myself? No, no sir, I really don’t have anything to offer, I don’t know where, how, what to start? GitWhat? Huh? But then someone said simply “like begets like” and it hit me. Nope, I’m not ‘like’, I am a mom of 3 kids and I don’t have a CS degree and I have very little to no free time, but that may not be a bad thing. Maybe I have something to offer that hasn’t been offered before and that is a good thing? So I created a GitHub account and started looking at fixes and wikis and learning about repositories. And no I haven’t saved the OSS community with mind bending illumination, but f-it. I’m an intern. An this is my first OPW intern blog post. That’s pretty cool.


I'm a mild mannered community oriented lady who is coming out of a very long relationship and rediscovering myself. I have found so far that I love strange people of all varieties, on the bus, in the park, at work or next to me at dinner. They inspire and intoxicate me. Thank you San Francisco for providing all a woman could ask for.

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